6.096 - Introduction to Interactive Programming

Fall 1997 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

This list contains pairings for the Cat and Mouse (Communicating Applications) laboratory assignments for 6.096.

Note: You do not have to attend lab on the day listed here, but you have priority in lab on this day.

Monday 2-5 Laboratory

Joshua R. Furman (Josh) jrfurman
Dana Scott dscott
Ronald A. Kapusta (Ron) rakapu
Chak L. Kwok (Jack) ckwok
Paola B. Nasser pbnasser
Hua F. Teh (Hua Fung, Fung) huaffy
Megan Henry meganh
Edward Olejniczak (Sandy O) sandyo
Connie Chang cyc
Rachel Greenstadt greenie

Tuesday 2-5 Laboratory

Annie Thompson (Anne) althomp
Nisha Checka nchecka
Jennifer Katherine Chung jsmthng
Rajendra Kumar Sood (Raj) rajsood
Ofelia A. Rodriguez oar
Aparna Mousumi Das pampi
Pamela Mukerji pmukerji
Xiaoran Li (Betty) teahead
Nick Michalakis nikos
Andrew Kamons akamons
Timothy Poli Nolan, Jr. (Tim) tnolan
Austin Kim austin
Kamal Mokeddem moke

Wednesday 2-5 Laboratory

William Tomlinson (Bill) badger@media
Abdulghani Sa'ad (Aboudi) aboud
Shastri S. Sandy shastri
Clint Sieunarine clint_s
Henry H. Atkins III (Todd) todd
Quincy Scott quincy
Derrick Ang derrick
Nii Lartey Dodoo dodoo
Cheewee Ang cheewang
Waikit Koh waikit
Delphine Nain delfin
Jonathan N. Whitney (Jon) jwhitney
Michael J. Harder (Mike) mharder
Tieu Le Lau (Jackie) jlau

Thursday 2-5 Laboratory

Carolynn E. Bishoff cebischo
Sarah Boucher sboucher
Sasha Devore sashad
Shirley Hao minneyar
Kenneth A. Walker (Ken) kwalker
Alexander Yip (Alex) yipal
Jose Pinto Duarte jduarte
Charles K. Boatin cboat

Not Yet Assigned

The people listed below did not respond to me, and so I did not assign them lab partners. (Some on the list below may have dropped the course or may be listeners, etc.) If your name is on the list below and you would like a lab partner assigned, please contact me. Alternately, you can contact someone else on the list below (preferably someone whose lab day matches yours) and let me know that you have arranged a partnership (and with whom).

Tuesday 2-5 Laboratory

David M. Gibbons (Dave) dvgbbns

Thursday 2-5 Laboratory

Hai Ning ninghai
Erica J. Selin eselin
Jeffrey Tooley (Jeff) jjtooley

This course is a part of Lynn Andrea Stein's Rethinking CS101 project at the MIT AI Lab and the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.