MIT 6.030:
Introduction to Interactive Programming

How to ftp out of the 6.030 lab.

It has come to our attention that using WS_FTP greatly increases your risk of having your password stolen and your account compromised. Thus, please use SecureCRT when transferring files, instead.

Use SecureCRT to transfer files to your Athena account. SecureCRT is on the S: drive, so you'll have to go to Start->Windows Explorer and click on the S: folder. Use SecureCRT on your Windows machine to transfer files to your Athena account.

  1. Log into using ssh, with your Athena username and password.
  2. type:
    add sipb
  3. To send a file from the Windows machine to your athena account:
    1. Under the Transfer menu, choose "Zmodem upload list" and add the file you wish to send to the dialog.
    2. choose "Start Zmodem upload" from the Transfer menu.
  4. To transfer a file from your account to the Windows machine:
    1. type:
      sz filename
    2. The file will be saved in the directory listed as "Download Directory" in the Options->Session Preferences->Files menu

Don't use FTP!
Ftp sends your password unencrypted, giving anyone a chance to steal your password and use it for all sorts of nefarious uses.

This course is a part of Lynn Andrea Stein's Rethinking CS101 project at the MIT AI Lab and the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


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