MIT 6.030:
Introduction to Interactive Programming

Written Assignment 2: Documentation

Laboratory 4: Dispatch and Procedures


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Written Assignment

The following is the minimum documentation we required for full credit:


[CHECK-IN, TURN-IN]Write a class that can be used as the startup class for a program.

[CHECK-IN, TURN-IN] Create a simple self-animating object class.

[CHECK-IN, TURN-IN] What import statements would you need to include to use AnimatorThread and Animate? How could you refer to them without an import statement?

import cs101.lang.Animate;
import cs101.lang.AnimatorThread; 

[TURN-IN] Q. What happens if your main method starts two separate instances of your calculator class?

Two independent calculators will be created.

Finally, here is a working copy of the calculator code:

This course is a part of Lynn Andrea Stein's Rethinking CS101 project at the MIT AI Lab and the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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