MIT 6.030:
Introduction to Interactive Programming

How to run nodeNet from athena.

You need to run these few steps first, and then you never have to run them again to do this:

  1. While on athena, type

    athena% /afs/

    and a script will modify your .environment file so you have the right things attached.

  2. In your home directory (type cd if you're not sure, and it will switch to it), type
    athena% source .environment

    and it will run the changes you just made.

Now, any time you want to run the nodeNet demonstration, all you have to do is type:

athena% java nodeNet.Main

and it will run the simulation. Please note that it may take awhile for the window to pop up (especially on slower machines), and also, this may work only on the Sun machines (e.g., not the blue SGIs).

If you want to run with an example of another node, you can try

athena% java nodeNet.Main nodeNet.IntermediateNode

to see what Intermediate Node looks like.

This course is a part of Lynn Andrea Stein's Rethinking CS101 project at the MIT AI Lab and the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


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