Engineering Computing

Programming Interactively People

We're a relatively friendly bunch. Key people to know:

Professor Lynn Andrea Stein,, x2525, OC358 or AC312. Aim available on request. Blame her for the course and the book.

Instructor Ben Vandiver,, x3530, OC359. Aim: metametagenie Blame him for not stopping Lynn. Also if the lab breaks.

Course Development Gus Heck, x2529, AC312. Aim: fsparv Blame him if the website breaks.

Course Friends Dan Goessling, Linda March,, AC 312. Blame them if the candy supply in the computers and cognition lab runs low.

Course Support Holly Bennett,, OC360. Do not under any circumstances blame her!

Questions, comments, gripes and other communication to
This course is a part of Lynn Andrea Stein's Rethinking CS101 project at the Computers and Cognition Laboratory and the Electrical and Computer Engineering area at Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering. Olin College Logo